Живите в доме, который действительно впечатляет
Live in a truly impressive house
Живите в доме, который действительно впечатляет
Our mission
Skydome is the first Russian company that actively promotes houses of the future. We design the most futuristic houses in the industry. From our point of view, home is the most important place in human life. There we make big decisions and relax after a hard day. It is the place where our children grow up. In general, this is where we live our lives.

Therefore, we make amazing houses with a huge interior space, and we use eco-friendly materials. During the past 15 years, the sector of low-rise housing has not been significantly changing. Houses look the same. However, the changes have arrived. The future of architecture is being shaped right here and now. You have a chance to become a part of it.
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15 000 m2
More than 15000 sq meters of unique architecture realized
Winner of the «Best Mansard Roof 2019»
Own research and development department
We have been creating projects worldwide since 2013
Our projects
«This house is cheaper than a one-room apartment in Moscow»
«Skydome presents unique wooden dome houses, which have no analogs in Russian market»
«It is possible to buy a 1-room apartment on the outskirts of Moscow or to build an ecological 2-story house with 3 bedrooms, a mezzanine, a huge living room, and window walls, and time to build such a house is just 3-4 months»
«Pioneers in the field of mass building of houses of the future...»
«We have not seen anything like this in the U.S., this Russian company builds awesome houses!»
Mass media about us
«Skydome managed to sell an extraordinary product on the traditional market»